Sábado, 18 Noviembre, 2017

The Walking Dead AR game is location-based like Pokemon GO

'Walking Dead' Gives Taylor Swift's New Album Cover the Negan Treatment The Walking Dead: Our World sounds like Pokémon Go with zombies
Curcio Ignacio | Setiembre 06, 2017, 11:15

AMC and Next Game have released a trailer for "The Walking Dead: Our World".

The AR features of "Walking Dead: Our World" will mimic "Pokemon Go", the in-real-life monster-catching game from Niantic Labs that became a breakout hit previous year.

Screw Pokémon Go! This is an augmented reality game we can totally get behind.

According to the brief description of the game attached to the trailer, players can "fight walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa, wherever and whenever you feel like it". Also, while Pokemon rarely are trying to eat your brains, the zombies of this Walking Dead game will likely be a bit adversarial.

It looks like you'll be picking up weapons and fighting off the zombie hoard wherever you are, although it's not yet clear whether this will be a structured game experience with objectives or not.

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Season Two, and The Walking Dead: Michonne to its ever-growing list of backwards compatible titles.

Want your voice heard? A few sequels and spin-offs, including the recently released The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, have launched mostly focusing on the series' main protagonist, Clementine. This will most certainly be utilized for jump-scare moments of walkers popping out of bushes and the like.

We imagine it'll superimpose zombies on your camera's view of the world and you'll have to tap on them to kill them.

At the very least, we already know what it's like to catch 'em all. The question is: will it learn any lessons from Pokemon GO's success and shortcomings?

Our World doesn't have a set release window yet but it will be coming soon to iOS and Android.