Martes, 17 Octubre, 2017

Let's work together for our schools — Rauner

Urbana school-funding IL school superintendents speak at hearing about school funding
Rosario Salina | Agosto 14, 2017, 00:06

Chance then chided Chicago Mayor Emanuel and the Illinois House, as well as Gov. Rauner, for not doing more to help CPS, despite their "capabilities to fund CPS individually".

The current funding formula relies too heavily on local property wealth to fund schools, but the General Assembly's attempt to correct that was rewritten by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Urbana has three TIF districts, Marlin said, and many of their proceeds are used for capital improvements that benefit the city and schoolchildren, such as sidewalks and streetlights.

Illinois state senators on Sunday and representatives on Wednesday should uphold the amendatory veto on Senate Bill 1.

According to Comptroller Susana Mendoza, it was the first time in history that Illinois skipped a general state aid payment. The superintendents said that if the veto is not overridden, they could be left in a financial lurch.

Lawmakers are due back in Springfield this weekend to take up the matter.

Eddy said without state aid, some districts may be able to keep their doors open only for weeks, while others will be forced to tap reserves or borrowing to keep operating.

"Our office has been preparing for this contingency", said Mendoza.

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Democratic state Sen. Scott Bennett, who represents central Illinois, said with Rauner's changes "every one of my schools is in danger of being hurt". The amount of new state dollars each district receives would be based on how capable it is of meeting its adequacy target.

A veto override would be difficult. "How do we make sure that we can get this done in the time frame that is afforded to us by the Constitution", he said. The Senate has the votes to override Rauner's changes. Lawmakers enacted a fiscal 2018 budget in July over Rauner's vetoes.

"What's going to happen if we don't have an override on Wednesday?" That is two-thirds of the appropriation! I was disappointed when the majority party took the commission's work and inserted political goodies for special interests.

Separately, and with little fanfare, Rauner's Department of Human Services on Friday announced on its website that six insurance companies-including Illinois' largest, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois-beat out other bidders for a four-year contract to manage care for Illinois' Medicaid recipients.

As for districts in west central Illinois, Davidsmeyer says he's spoken with nearly of the superintendents in the area that he represents.

Let's face it folks, Illinois has a horribly broken school funding system.

Madigan will call a bill with Governor Rauner's exact SB1 amendatory veto language. That calculation, Manar said, is the "most profound difference" between the status quo today and what his bill tries to fix.