Sábado, 18 Noviembre, 2017

Venezuela the new "dictatorship"

Maduro rips Vatican statement against constitution rewrite Maradona Says He'd Fight for Maduro's “Free Venezuela” Because He's Chavista “Until Death”
Dantel Valero | Agosto 11, 2017, 00:14

On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned seven current and former Venezuelan officials for participating in the Constituent Assembly, as well as another individual "who has participated in actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Venezuela". Thirteen other Maduro associates and high-ranking politicians were hit with sanctions for corruption and undemocratic activities ahead of the vote in July.

Protesters across Venezuela took to the streets on April 1 to demand the resignation of President Maduro, the successor of late leader Hugo Chavez and his leftist ideology, Chavism (Chavismo), after the country's courts tried to strengthen the regime even further. "It is undeniable that the people of Venezuela has [sic] made its voice heard and chosen their path ... despite the unconventional war waged against Venezuela, its people have rendered an extraordinary lesson in democracy".

The sanctions freeze US assets of those targeted and ban American entities from doing business with them.

The National Electoral Council board member, Tania D'Amelio Cardiet, was designated for defending the assembly and for suspicion of being involved in fraud in its choosing.

Carlos Malpica Flores - Former National Treasurer of Venezuela and former Vice President of Finance for PDVSA.

To answer this, El Aissami asked the ANC to hold a "broad consultation about the 15 economic and productive engines, to continue visualizing the ready potential at the national level and to measure productive capacities". Lawmakers voted unanimously Monday not to recognize any of the new super-body's decrees.

Kempes, who was the top goal scorer when Argentina won the 1978 World Cup, called Maradona out on Twitter.

Actitud de exfiscal atentó contra la paz de la República — Saab
Precisamente como legislador le tocó vivir el fallido golpe de Estado de 2002, cuando fue detenido por los insurrectos. Los avances de dicho decreto serán supervisado por una comisión especial presidida por el constituyente Elvis Amoroso.

ANC President Delcy Rodriguez will preside over the commission. He is the AC Constituent for Barinas Municipality in Barinas State.

Andres Oppenheimer is a columnist for the Miami Herald. She was formerly the Minister of Urban Agriculture.

"We are looking for ways to coexist". He says he is the victim of a US-backed capitalist plot. "I am punished for defending the natural resources of Venezuelan lands".

The new constitutional assembly has signalled it will act swiftly in following Maduro's commands, voting to replace chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz with a government loyalist and to create a "truth commission" that will wield unusual power to prosecute and levy sentences, The Independent reported.

"Our intention is to give hope to people that no matter how strong the enemy seems, there is strength in unity", the group told Reuters in an interview by email.

Maduro triggered the latest round of U.S. pressure by installing a constituent assembly charged with rewriting the constitution.