Viernes, 20 Octubre, 2017

Trump signs bill urging NASA to send humans to Mars

Evan Vucci Associated Press		President Trump during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Evan Vucci Associated Press President Trump during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington
Rosario Salina | Marcha 25, 2017, 00:26

Trump has expressed support for a crewed exploration of Mars, and in his inauguration speech he said he's "ready to unlock the mysteries of space". But appropriations pay the bills, and the next question is how much money Congress will provide NASA to match the authorization.

The bill more or less aligns with the budget blueprint Trump laid out last week.

Palazzo and other Gulf Coast lawmakers said funding the space program is crucial to the region's economy. Likewise, the bill won't do any good to help his dream of space tourism. Since 2000, the ISS has been the primary destination for NASA astronauts traveling to space.

The bill also authorizes space operations, science, space technology, exploration, education, construction - as well as compliance and restoration - and the NASA Inspector General. Congress members, which often view China's spaceflight initiatives as threatening US leadership in space, expressed concern that abandoning the ISS would mean "turning over human presence in low-Earth orbit to China", according to Babin. It's amazing what's going on - so many people and so many companies are so into exactly what NASA stands for. Oh, and Trump definitely wants humans to visit Mars, too.

The Marshall Space Flight Center is in Huntsville, Alabama.

Kara Swisher from Recode commented on Twitter that Musk could be "smiling" somewhere after the budget was approved.

But this bill doesn't spell doom for the researchers who study our planet - nor is it a final seal of approval for the scientists who study other ones.

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Musk took to social media Tuesday to express displeasure with a bill recently signed by the president, which Musk says gives "no added funding for Mars".

Getting to Mars, though, isn't expected to happen during the Trump presidency.

"In very short order, the president will be taking action to re-launch the National Space Council".

The White House's fiscal year 2018 budget blueprint released earlier this month calls for the cancellation of the Asteroid Redirect Mission. Musk replied and he is, apparently, not happy with the approved amount.

220 miles above our earth, the International Space Station, a complex assembly of interconnected nodes and modules weighing almost a million pounds and spanning the length of a football field, orbits our Earth more than 16 times a day.

ACTING NASA ADMINISTRATOR LIGHTFOOT: Mr. President, on behalf of NASA, I would like to present you with this astronaut flight jacket. Is Trump gonna be there too? Developed at a cost of $2 million as part of NASA's Space Robotics challenge, the Valkyrie is currently still in test phase. It supports NASA's deep space exploration, including the Space Launch System and the ORION spacecraft.